Put God First in Business and Become More Successful Both Spiritually and Financially

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Put God Above Your Business

If you only praise God on Sundays but forget about him at the workplace, you experience greater stress, anxiety, poor workplace relationships, and financial hardships.

When you put God first and bring His power into your workplace, you can make better decisions, build better professional relationships, and grow your business.

Give Your Time to God

Without God's guidance, it is very easy for you and your workers to become overwhelmed and less productive due to poor time management.

When you give your time to God, you can streamline the workflow in your business from top to bottom and free up additional time to spend with your family so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Let God Guide Your Growth

If your ambition isn't balanced by the wisdom of God, you will fall prey to stumbling blocks such as overspending and poor resource management.

When you submit to God and realize that all of your income, assets, and resources belong to Him, He will grant you His wisdom so that you can reduce costs and multiply your earnings.

We Help You to Put God Above Your Business So That You Can Receive His Wisdom and Power

God Above Business was created to teach business owners and entrepreneurs like you how to put God first when it comes to your career and running your business.

When you put God first, He will bless you with the wisdom and power you need to achieve greater success both financially and spiritually.

Use the button below to schedule a FREE consultation. We will analyze your strengths, struggles, and concerns and then advise you on how to put God first in your business so you can receive his many blessings. God wants you to be successful and so do we!

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Build a Business That Glorifies God

Our core belief is that putting God first in your business will make you more successful both spiritually and financially. When we submit to His divine will we receive his blessings, wisdom, and power that will guide us to greater success.

God's blessings help you to:

Grow Both Spiritually and Financially

Manage Your Time and Finances More Effectively

Build a More Respected and Influential Business

Develop Positive Professional Relationships

When You Work for God - God Works for You

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Submit to the will of God and obey his teachings as his wisdom and power guide you to greater financial and spiritual success.


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Remember, God wants you to be successful and so do we!